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Hidden Gems In Venice : Giardini Della Biennale

And here I am with my second article 😊 I'll be talking about an area of Venice that I like most and also visit at least a few days a week. Since the common comment I've heard from my friends who came here before is generally about the narrow streets of Venice, I want to introduce a very different and a beautiful part of Venice with this article.

When I first came to Venice for the first time I had the same impression and this city was left in my mind with its narrow streets. But after I started living here, I've discovered a magnificently beautiful and peaceful area. I still ask myself why tour companies do not include this area in their tour programs. Therefore, I guarantee that this area will be at the top of my tour programs when I start organizing boutique tours in Venice. So, I am happy to announce that I will start organizing boutique tours in Venice, soon.

Giardini Della Biennale

My favorite area which is named as Giardini Della Biennale, hosts the Venice Biennale Art Festival in Venice. There are many beautiful gardens waiting for you in this area. The gardens were built by Napoleon Bonaparte who drained an area of marshland in order to create a public garden on the banks of the Bacino di San Marco which is a narrow stretch of water dividing the gardens from St. Mark's Square and the Doge's Palace. It was built by him at the beginning of the 19th century.

Entrance of First Garden of Giardini Della Biennale

When you reach here, the gardens that are located over a wide area and contain works of art, welcome you. There are 30 permanent pavilions in the gardens and each of is allocated to a particular nation and displays various works of art by its nationals during the Venice Biennale. Several of the pavilions were designed by leading architects of the 20th century, including Carlo Scarpa and Alvar Aalto.

One of the most beautiful features that make the gardens attractive to me is that I always feel like walking around an open air museum when I am here. A different piece of art welcomes you in almost every corner such as the Garibaldi Statue at the entrance.

Another thing that I love most about this place is tranquility of the atmosphere and the existence of jasmine flowers with their magnificent smells. If you wish, you can bring your book and spend hours by reading this book at one of the benches here. Sometimes, I come here and rest with the sounds of birds and spend time in these gardens after a morning or an evening walk.

Like An Open Air Museum

As can be understood from the title of this article, there is not a single garden in this area. When you leave first garden and then follow the coastline that is also surrounded by the trees, you will reach another green and wider area where there are other gardens.

Since this coastline is quite long, you can relax after your morning or evening run with the sounds of birds on one of the benches, like me.

Walking Along the Coast Line

If ounning.

If you come to Venice one day, I suggest you not to end your trip without stopping by these gardens. You can even spend a very nice time resting here after you get tired as a result of walking around the streets of Venice all day long, and then watch the sunset by sitting on one of the benches in the evening.

Access To The Giardini Della Biennale

Access to the gardens is very easy. If you prefer walking, you can reach the gardens in about 10 minutes by following the coastline after you visit St. Mark's Square.

Singing Birds Along This Road

When you start walking along the coastline, the green area that appears at the end of the road will catch your eye with all its beauty.

Instead of walking, you can also reach here after a short sea trip by taking one of the ferries. There is a ferry stop named as Ferrovia that is located across Venice's main train station "Venezia Santa Lucia". You can reach here in half an hour by taking one of 2 different ferries departing from Ferrovia every 5 minutes. When you take one of the lines numbered 4.1 and named as "Murano Museo" or number 5.1 and named as "Lido" from this stop and then get off at Giardini Biennale stop, you will see the magnificent gardens.

As I finish my writing, I leave you with a video I took while walking through these gardens🎵.

See you in my next article, ciao ...

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