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One of The Most Beautiful Beach Destinations In Italy:Caorle (Part 1)

With this article, I will take you to Caorle which is one of the most charming seaside resorts with the most beautiful beaches in Veneto Region.

Since there are many things that have to be written about Caorle, I've divided my article into two parts. In this first part of the article, first I'll give general information about Caorle and then I'll give some suggestions about activities to do while staying in Caorle. 

Caorle is a popular seaside resort with 12.000 population in the Veneto region of Italy. It is located around 60 km far from Venice and has large beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

Please don't think about that Caorle has a low population because it's being visited by many tourists especially coming from Germany and Austria in the summer season. In addition to foreign tourists, many Italian families that are living in cities such as Treviso and Vicenza have summer houses in Caorle and they come to Caorle to spend their weekends every summer.

Colorful Center of Caorle

The most powerful feature that makes me fascinated with Caorle is that it's known for the Small Venice. It's like a kind of island which is surrounded by the River Livenza and Lagoon of Caorle. Also, the colorfully painted buildings I come across while walking around the center always remind me Burano Island.

While watching my Youtube videos below, you will visit Caorle Cathedral and the Bell Tower by walking around the colorfully painted buildings in the center of Caorle with me.

Things To Do in Caorle


The first thing that comes to mind about Caorle is, of course, its beautiful and wide beaches. The town has 2 separate beaches called Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente. In these both two beaches it is also possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

Location of the beaches in the city center has a good advantage of transportation while reaching to them. Also you will find an opportunity to relax while drinking your cold beer or Spritz in one of the cafes located along the sea side.

Due to the fact that I always hate beaches with huge rocks, I really like Caorle's wide sandy beaches.

In the evenings, a magnificent view is occurred at sunset time. If you are one of those who like to spend time on the beach until late evening, I can say that Caorle beaches are definitely favorable for you. After watching the sunset, it will be good to have an Aperitivo and then dinner in one of the places located in Caorle center. Because, the center is very close to both of two beaches.

Spiaggia di Lavante

In my Youtube video below, you may watch different scenes from both of two beaches, Spiaggia di Lavante and Spiaggia di Ponente.

Canale dell'Orologio ⛵

If you want to take a walk in the early morning or at sunset time in the evening, I have a very good suggestion for you. There is a beautiful canal named as Canale dell'Orologio. Along this canal that surrounds the center of town, you will be able to take beautiful pictures while listening to singing birds.

Canale dell'Orologio

I've shot the video below while walking along the canal during an evening sunset, and I can say that the calmness that I felt during the walk caused a meditation effect on me.

The first part of my article about Caorle comes to an end here. In the second part, I will write about transportation,  places to visit, what to eat and drink and accommodation suggestions. See you in my next article, ciao...

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