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One of The Most Beautiful Beach Destinations In Italy:Caorle (Part 2)

Places To Be Discovered

In this part,  I want to give you information about the places to see in Caorle. Caorle is a small town with historical buildings bearing the traces of Byzantine architecture and many different places to see.

Duomo di Caorle and Bell Tower

Located in the town center and overlooking the town's most famous square called Piazza Vescovado, Caorle Cathedral is the oldest and the most important building of the city. It was built and dedicated to Saint Stephen Protomartyr. This historical building, having the elements of Byzantine architecture, is located very close to the beaches and is open to visitors every day except for special religious days.

Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is located right next to the Cathedral with all its glory. This bell tower with its unique architecture has a different feature compared to other bell towers. Usually the bell towers have a square or rectangular base and are conical in shape. In addition, many bell towers built during the Byzantine period are cylindrical and the top is horizontal. The bell tower of Caorle Cathedral has the features of these two different styles. The tower was built in 1038 shortly after the Cathedral. It is 44 meters high and has 8 floors.

La Chiesa della Madonna dell'Angelo

As a person who has seen many churches so far, I can say that Madonna dell'Angelo Church is one of the most original and fascinating buildings I have ever seen. It's one of my favorite places to watch the sunset every time I come to Caorle.

La Chiesa della Madonna dell'Angelo

Being located in the middle of two separate beaches called Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente and therefore by the Adriatic Sea coast, this building has the traces of Baroque architecture. The church was first built in the 9th century and then restored in 1751.

Every 5 years, the Feast In Honor of Virgin Mary (Festa della Madonna) is celebrated here. The upcoming feast has been scheduled for September this year.

In the video below, you may find scenes taken around Madonna dell'Angelo Church, both in the daylight and at sunset by me.

Scogliera Viva

Now I will introduce you an open-air museum in Caorle. One of the reasons why I am so in love with Italy is that the country gives a big importance to art, history and therefore historical buildings. Because, as in Caorle, you can suddenly find yourself in the middle of magnificent artworks.

Scogliera Viva is located along the seaside, just behind the Madonna dell'Angelo church. The most important feature that makes this place unique is having artworks performed by famous artists on the rocks.

One of the Amazing Sculptures

These artworks have been made during International Outdoor Sculpture Competitions that were held for many times until 2018.

While walking along the seaside, you can also take a look at these unique artworks. As I said before, this place is literally an open-air museum and one of the most important places to visit in Caorle. 

In my youtube vide below, you may watch the scenes of artworks I took while walking along the seaside.

Isole Dei Casoni

As you can see, there are many beauties worth exploring in every corner of Caorle. Now, the place that I will introduce you is a real hidden paradise for me. Isole Dei Casoni, in other words the Casoni Islands, which is located along the Caorle Lagoon, is just a few km far from the center of Caorle. If you wish, you can reach here by renting a bike from the center of Caorle.

Through the road in the photo below, you can reach Isole Dei Casoni by using a bike. You will suddenly find yourself at Isole Dei Casoni while watching the beauty of the green areas along the way.

The reason why this region is called as Casoni Islands is the existence of many remarkable Casoni's that are still used by the fishermen. Casoni's have a very unique architecture as seen in the photo below. Long time ago, they were built for the fishermen who were coming to Caorle Lagoon for fishing. Nowadays, many of them are still being used by the fishermen and some of them have been turned into restaurants.

 One of the Casoni's

In my Youtube video below, you may find scenes I took along the road to Isole Dei Casoni and one of the areas in which a few of Casoni's are located.

While I was walking along the way by Caorle Lagoon which is the most important reason why Caorle is called as Small Venice, I felt as if I was in one of Monet paintings. Especially, the dignity and the beauty of swans in the lagoon fascinated me.

In my Youtube video below, you may find scenes of Caorle Lagoon with swan views.

Food and Drink

As in all other Italian cities and towns, there are many options for eating and drinking in Caorle. There are numerous place options for having Aperitivo. After Aperitivo, if you wish, you can go to any Pizzeria or Ristorante and try one of the magnificent Italian pizzas, or if you like seafood, you can choose one of the fish restaurants located in the center. You can be sure that you will not have any difficulty in finding a place that suits your taste, as the variety of Italian cuisine is large enough.

Caorle Accommodation

Since Caorle is a holiday town, there are many accommodation options including 200 hotels approximately. Or if you love camping life, there are 4 different camping areas named Laguna Village, Comunale, Sole and Falconera. These camping areas are really comfortable especially for the families with children. Laguna Village is so close to the Levante Beach (Spiaggia di Levante) and has its own supermarket, daily bazaar, restaurant and bar in its area.

You can search and book any accomodation quickly from the search bar of Booking below: 

Getting To Caorle

Getting to Caorle is very easy. As being a person who lives in Venice, I always use the bus which is the most simple, comfortable and economical way to travel between Caorle and Venice. You can reach Caorle in one hour and 50 minutes by taking one of the ATVO Company buses from Venice Piazzale Roma stop. These buses departure around every hour between 6 AM and 9 PM according to summer schedule and a ticket costs EUR 5,50 for one way. The stop you take off in Caorle is just a few minutes walk from the center of town.

If you want to reach Caorle from Venice Marco Polo Airport, it is also possible to travel by ATVO bus from the airport. After arriving at Venice Marco Polo airport, you can reach Caorle by taking a bus from the ATVO bus stop at the airport exit.

There is no train station in Caorle. The nearest train station is located in San Donà Di Piave which is a close town to Caorle. After reaching here by train, you can take a bus from the ATVO bus stop in the center and it takes around 45 minutes to reach Caorle.

Notes from Ceren 📝

My article about Caorle ends here. I would definitely recommend you Caorle if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful place where you want to spend your summer vacations with a beautiful beach and sea, and also where you can travel by bike. It is also a very suitable holiday town for families with children. Or, when you come to see Venice, you can schedule few days of your trip in Caorle. It is so easy to reach and it has many accommodation and restaurant options for everyone. Also, as in other Italian cities and towns, the Italians are so friendly and hospitable here.

See you in my next article, ci vediamo 😊

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