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Festives In Venice: Festa del Redentore 2020

Festa del Redentore ( The Redentore Feast ) is one of the most famous events of Venice and celebrated every year on the third weekend of July. 

This amazing festive is highly valued by the Venetians. Before the long Redentore Night, they start to make some preparations such as preparing food, decorating their boats, terraces and streets with lightings and lots of colorful balloons. 

Most significant part of this feast is magnificent fireworks which didn't take place as a result of current medical emergency conditions this year

History of The Redentore

History of the Redentore begins with the construction of the Palladio Redentore Church on Giudecca Island. The meaning of the Redentore is coming from the end of a terrible plague which resulted with death of more than 50.000 people including the famous painter Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) in 1576.  

The Redentore Church

The Dodge Sebastiano Venier promised to build a church if the plague ends. After the end of plague he held a competition for the construction of the Redentore church, and the architect named Andrea Palladio won the competition. The Redentore Church was consecrated in 1592. 

View of The Redentore Church in The Night

Festa del Redentore ( The Redentore Feast ) 2020

This year The Redentore Feast started with the opening of  The Redentore Bridge on Friday, July 17th. This bridge is temporarily opened during the feast and connects  Zattere with The Redentore Church on Giudecca Island.

I went to the island on Saturday, July 18th. This was also the first time I have been to the Giudecca Island. Island was decorated with colorful flags and it was really so enjoyable to walk along the streets.

Beautiful Cafes and Restaurants Along The Coast

One of the most enjoyable moments were in the evening. There were 4 boats with the performance of live music
throughout the city ( Canal Grande, Bacino di San Marco and Giudecca ). 

Live music was performed by "Barca del Mercà” (Batisto Coco), “Barca del Limòn” (Josmil Neris e i Laguna Swing), “Barca del Frutariòl” (Furio e gli Ska-J) and “Barca dei Graspi de Ua” (Pitura Stail).

One Of The Live Music Boats 

In my YouTube video below, you may watch scenes from the feast and the streets of beautiful Giudecca Island.

Notes From Ceren 📝

It was really good to have such enjoyable moments and see people are dancing, enjoying with their wine and spritz in the streets. This was the first time I attended such an enjoyable event after the long quarantine period. I really love this city, this country and the people live in this country. Because they always smile and choose to be happy in every condition. Yesterday night once again, I thought that the decision of moving to Italy was one of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life. And now I look forward to next The Redentore Feast in 2021😊.

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