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La Gelateria Caorle

When it comes to Italy, the first thing that comes to mind after pizza and pasta has always been gelato for me. As a person who has tasted many gelato in many cities of Italy so far, I can tell you that La Gelateria Caorle is a truly unique place from my point of view.

La Gelateria Caorle is located in the center of Caorle and also so close to the beaches that makes it easily accessible. Type of flavors differs between 16 and 18. For this reason, while having a sunbath in the beach if you get bored because of hot, you can visit La Gelateria Caorle and taste different kind of flavors. But I want to warn you that it will take a time for you to decide between different flavors since all of them are amazing 😊

La Gelateria Caorle

The most important factor that makes La Gelateria Caorle's gelato so delicious is usage of natural and fresh ingredients and of course the recipes created in accordance with the experience of the owner. In addition, the place is large and has a sincere atmosphere.

La Gelateria Caorle is Located in the Center of Town

Different Kind Of Flavors With Amazing Tastes

If you come to Caorle one day, I totally recommend you to visit La Gelateria Caorle and taste its amazing gelato.

La Gelateria Caorle

Viale Pompei, 19, 30021 Caorle 

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