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Caffè Girani: The Oldest Artisanal Coffee Roaster in Venice

Today, I want to introduce you the oldest artisanal coffee roasting shop in Venice.  Here you can taste, purchase or watch many of the blends while they are being roasted. I can surely say that Caffè Girani is producing high quality blends with amazing taste in Venice. It is also the only Venetian coffee roaster that performs the coffee roasting onsite.

The History of A Venetian Coffee Roasting Shop 

Caffè Girani was founded by Giuseppe Girani in 1928. Before starting this business, Giuseppe Girani was the coach of Venice football team. Football was his biggest passion as he brought Venice Football Club up to the major league during the 1940s. One day, after being introduced to the art of making coffee, coffee became his second passion and then he decided to open a coffee roaster shop in Venice. Caffè Girani soon became a reference point for the high quality coffee in Venice. The logo of the shop consists of black and green colors which also represents the 2 colors of Venice Footbal Team that are black, green and orange. 

After Giuseppe Girani passed away, his daughter Gigliola took the business in 1951 and managed to maintain the high quality of Caffè Girani's coffee. Nowadays, Caffè Girani is managed by other two incredible ladies called Roberta and Laura, who are Giuseppe Girani's granddaughters.

At the beginning and for a very long time, Caffè Girani sold coffee to only hotels, bars and restaurants. Then, they started selling to also private customers in 2011. All kind of blends were created by Giuseppe Girani. He named most of these blends after his some of customers that they demanded a special type of coffee during these days. Name of these blends have remained the same since then. For instance, one of the blends called Fassina was named after Albano Fassina in 1930s. He was an owner of a cafe in Venice and wanted Arabica coffee with a sweet aroma. After that, Giuseppe Girani created a blend that consists of 100% Arabica with a sweet aroma and named this blend Fassina.

The Secrets of Coffe Roasting at Caffè Girani

Coffee is roasted with varying blends of Arabica and Robusta in Caffè GiraniGreen beans of the best quality and origin-certificated are selected and roasted in a Vittoria roaster machine called "The Red", manufactured in 1940s and restored with the standards of the recent technology in 2011. 

Roasting is performed by an Italian traditional way in which different varities are roasted seperately, at a slow pace and a temperature not exceeding 200°C to enhance the aroma for each of them.

7 Different Amazing Blends

There are 7 types of coffee blends consist of Arabica and/or Robusta as follows:

Casanova ( Gourmet )

Casanova consists of 100% Arabica coffee characterized by sweet, fruity fragrant flavour with an intense aroma born from mixture of the coffee beans grown in the mountains of Puerto Rico and Ethiopia.

Fassina ( Super Dolce )

Like Casanova, Fassina consists of 100% Arabica coffee beans. It's a blend that composed of 9 different kind of superior quality coffee beans from central America (Columbia, Costarica, Guatemala) with a mild taste.

Rosina ( Super Aromatico )

Rosina which is also my favorite one, has an intense aromatic taste and composed of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta which are the finest quality coffee beans of Central America.

Arzenton ( Special Fruttato )

Arzenton is anther type of blend that consists of 100% Arabica which are 9 different kind of superior quality coffee beans from Central America.

Todaro (Super Amabile )

Todaro is combination of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta coffee beans which give a sweet and fruity taste to the blend.

Moka ( Extra Forte )

Moka is a strong and aromatic blend that consists of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta beans.

Deca ( Monorigine Arabico )

Deca is another blend that consists of 100% Arabica cofee beans with a zesty aroma and chocolate flavour. It's decaffeinated naturally by water process that guarantees preservation of organoleptic characteristics and then roasted by them to extract its flavor.

Notes From Ceren 📝

If you are one of the biggest fans of the coffee and always prefer local shops like me, I strongly recommend you to taste one of the amazing blends of Caffè Girani. They also sell and ship to many other countries including USA, Australia, Hong Kong etc.

Not only I found a chance to taste their amazing coffee I also had a very useful and a quick lesson about the coffee during my visit. In addition, everyone in the shop is so welcoming and friendly that you can ask and learn anything about the coffee😊 If you want to visit Caffè Girani one day, you can find the shop in Castello which is around 5 minutes walk from Piazza San Marco. 

Caffè Girani

C. Giazzo, 3727, 30122 Venezia

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