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Hello everyone from Venice which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and my musical city as I call it!

I'm Ceren Avar. I have been sharing different photos of Italy in my Instagram account for a while. At one point, these photos became no longer enough for me and I’ve realized that I need to give more information. That’s why I’ve decided to open a blog about Italy and my life in Italy.

My first trip to Italy was about 7 years ago. In April 2013, I came to Florence for a few days. The idea of traveling to Italy came into my mind after watching a movie named “Letters to Juliet” which was suggested by one of my friends. The film was about a love story that started in Verona and continued with the scenes from fascinating places of Italy. This movie which tells a love story started in Italy also made me fall in love with Italy. After watching this movie, I decided to travel to Italy for the first time.

My first choice was Florence, the city where the renaissance started. Since I was always interested in architecture and history, Florence seemed to be a perfect starting point for my trip to Italy. And in April 2013, I came to Florence with my bag and a map for a few days. During my trip, I got to know Florence by getting lost in its beautiful historical streets. Since I will publish separate articles about Florence in the future, I will not write about Florence in detail here. The only thing that I can say for now is, I was completely in love with Italy after my Florence trip. After that, Italy and especially Florence became my second home during the periods in which I need to escape from everything and get to relax. I have been to many different countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany and Ireland. But none of those countries has conquered my heart as much as Italy. Everything such as its fascinating aura, people living here, its delicious food and drinks continued to steal my heart every time I came to Italy.

One day, when I was living in the best period of my career life, I decided to move to Italy with an instant decision. I wanted to improve my knowledge more about my profession and live in the country that I fell in love with, respectively. Thus, in September 2019 I moved to Venice to study a master’s degree about Entrepreneurship at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. I can surely say that moving to Italy is the best decision of my life. From the first time I moved here I have never felt like I was in a foreign country even until these moments that I am writing this article. On the contrary, I always feel like I am living in my second home. My huge love for this country is one of the biggest reasons of giving a decision about to open a blog. 

I always believe this: "The only way to have a knowledge about a city or a country is living there." Well, why am I saying this? A few months after my first trip to Florence, I came to Venice for the first time in October 2013. To be honest I didn't like Venice as much as Florence at that time. Probably because of rainy weather, the first impression that I had was like it was such a city with narrow streets and a moist air. Then I didn't come to Venice again until I moved in September 2019. After I moved to Venice, I got to know more about this stunning and beautiful musical city. I found many chances to discover new places, streets, green areas and fabulously delicious food that I haven’t known before I came here as a tourist. And one day I asked myself this question: "Why am I the only person that I know these beauties and why don’t I share them with others to make them learn?" And then here I am with my blog.

To summarize the content of my blog, I will write articles about Venice first. I will share all my experiences about this musical city, such as the lifestyle, culture, art in Venice, its hidden streets, places and its beautiful islands. Since I am also a photographer, I will also add  photos and sometimes videos in my articles. I will later publish articles about other magnificent cities in the Veneto region. And while you are reading my other articles that I will publish later on; you will feel like travelling to other regions and other cities of Italy with me.

My blog will be about both travel and lifestyle in Italy, rather than being only a travel or a vacation-oriented blog. For this reason, if you send me an e-mail or leave a comment in the communication tab about the topics that you want to have more information, you will give me different ideas about the articles that I will write in the future. And after publishing this kind of articles, my other readers will also have information about the related subject.

Finally, I am so happy to say to all of you “Welcome to my blog!”. I am really having a lot of fun while I am living in Italy. I'm sure that my mood will also affect you and you will have a lot of fun with me while reading my articles. I can’t wait to meet you in my following articles!

Ceren Avar

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